VedaMusic is composed of three activities, centered around music with specific missions


Healing through music

Music therapy for healthy children and adults with disorders or conditions that are in the diagnostic, treatment or post-operative stages.

Sensory and interactive music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy.

Create with music

Creation and production of multidisciplinary performances, integrating a collaborative, human dimension around music, texts, original scenography and unique locations.

Staging and philosophical choreographies, choresophy (dance technique) centered on the breath, musical compositions, writing of texts…

The power of music to gather

Charitable actions through music to integrate the isolated, bring communities together, create links and help those in need.

Concerts, music and singing classes, creative workshops: slam poetry / rap, physical expression, film writing, collaborative murals.

*Veda (devanāgarī : वेद – sanskrit : « vision » or « knowledge ») is a collection of texts that, according to tradition, were revealed (through hearing, Shruti) to Indian sages called Rishi. This “revealed knowledge” has been transmitted orally from Brahmin to Brahmin within Vedism, Brahmanism, and Hinduism to the present day over an unknown period.